• UWELD is the leading provider of gardening and camping solutions.

    The company dedicates to providing world class products that are second to none. We are always striving to achieve the highest quality, service and value for their customers throughout the world, with a broad line of advanced and innovative products.

  • Like all of their products, UWELD gardening tools such asheating torches, weed burners and gas regulators meet or exceed industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in their factorywhileimplementing safety practices and regulations. UWELD has grown into the go-to company for tradesmen, DIYers, and outdoor enthusiasts for gardening and camping equipment. The heating torches are built with precision and tested to 10,000 ignitions, with a variety of flame profiles ranging from DIY projects to industrial outdoor purposes such as roofing and welding. The company’s product line covers air &fuel torch, propane heating torch, Mapp torch, butane torch, blow torch, LPG hose, water timer, water spray gun, and associated accessories.

  • Why UWELD?

    Their customer-center approach has led the way for UWELD to be considered as the fastest growing company within the industry, acknowledged as a market leader globally.Their Research and Development department recognizes that there are as many climates, hardiness zones, and situations as there are gardens. That's why the companyvalues and takes into consideration the feedback from their customers all over the world. Their customers help the company make sure their products deliver on their promise.

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