3in1 Multifunction Weed Burner

3 heat settings: 60/300/600 ° C
Max. Air flow: 500L/Min
Housing: PP
Handle with TPE rotatable for use as a hot air blower and with extension piece, as
Weed killer - Handle with TPE on the extension piece, aluminum tube 30cm
Cone nozzle as heat protection to the outside
 2m rubber hose - H05RN-F 2x1,0mm²+VDE plug
incl. 2 cable clips on the extension piece
incl. 1 conical nozzle
incl. 4 nozzles - grill lighter, reducing nozzle, surface nozzle, spatula
single E Color box packing without shrink packing  
 <40 pages manual with 80g-offset-paper (w/o plastic bag) in black and white
only one plastic bag for the machine
 Labels:one brand label and another rating label
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